Allan Grice / Win Percy Super Rare Model Number 1 of 12

Allan Grice's Bathurst Winning VL Commodore




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An Exclusive arrangement with Allan Grice, 48 of these models have been personally signed on the roof as well as a special certificate with a photograph of Alan Grice holding the 1:18 scale model and the Tooheys 1000 trophy he won for winning Bathurst in 1990.  Only a limited number of Models are signed making them a very rare piece of motoring history for your collection.  Only 46 signed cars were available (numbers 1 & 16 not available).  

This is not the normal model available to the public and is only available from us.

The Cost is $900.00 per car plus $25.00 Registered Postage within Australia.   (SORRY SOLD OUT)

You will be given the certificate number of your model upon payment clearance.  Only one model per person. 

************ Special offer some models have been personally signed by Win Percy as well. A very rare treat as Win lives in England and it is impossible for people to get his signature for their collection.  Through a special arrangement with Win 12 cars have been signed with both Allan's and Win's on the model as well as Win signature on the Grice certificate, box, and Biante / Autoart certificate.  This is the last one Number 1 from my personal collection and will be very very collectible...... cost is $3300.00 plus Registered postage. **************